Noże wykonywane ręcznie

Precyzja i jakość, niepowtarzalne, wyjątkowe i praktyczne. Ręczna robota.


Welcome to my website.

You can find on here effects of many hours of my handmade craft.


I’ve been occupying myself with designing and handmaking knives since 2010. Initially I was treating it just as my hobby, as a something I simply enjoyed doing. The very first handmade knives I kept myself, some of them I presented my friends with just to sell off the rest I got left to my acquaintances. It is just because of their persuations I’ve decided to “share” my passion to knives with others. I dedicate my work to hunters, fishermen and survival passionates but also to all other people who like to own something special, uniqe and practical at the same time. To not to let down the owners of my handmade knives, at designing them, I do not only use my own experience (survival is my second passion) but I also utilise ideas I get from other experienced survival passinates and hunters who are without a doubt the real users of such equipment.


I think ,that I won’t be far away from the truth risking a thesis that now that you’re on this website it means we share the same passion- KNIVES.

Just to underline again, the all of my knives are handmade by myself. Each knife :


– is designed and made with my own hands


– involves handmade technological process starting from a piece of wood to be the knife’s hilt through blade settings and sewing a pouch


– is made of a professionally hardened material


– the steel used is only of an excellent quality (K110(D2),N690 and the top shelve -M390(MICROCLEAN,the powder steel)


– I make use of wood of an exotic tree to create the knife’s hilt,micarty or G10


– all pouches are made of a natural leather only



“The life” of each knife starts from my very own idea and design. I pay lots of attention to the fact that knives look differently, uniquely and at the same time are practical and comfortable in use. Each single time I do care about every detail. Technologically processed knives get to a professional steel hardening and tempering plant in Warsaw.

 The technological process involves using a metal/wood file, sandpaper of different degredation and also designed and made by myself a bench grinder. The wood I use to make the hilt becomes of an exotic trees or micarta. The holes made in the hilt are enriched/reinforced in a brass or acid resistant steel. The whole is filled up with handmade and well fitted pouch made of a natural leather which allows us to take the knife safely anywhere.


The rest it’s “only” hours and hours of work spend over my “little craft”.



I warmly welcome and invite you to see the effects of my work through the gallery you can find on here. 


Dariusz Malusiak